IBTC Portsmouth Courses

What is IBTC Portsmouth Boat Building Training Course?

The International Boatbuilding Training College is a training provider delivering tradition skills in wooden boatbuilding through the internationally recognised qualification IBTC Practical Boatbuilding Diploma, in addition to the City & Guilds 2463-03 Marine Construction.

If you are thinking about joining us it’s really important that you’ve visited us – that way you can gain a much greater insight into the IBTC Practical Boatbuilding Diploma course. The Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth is free to enter – we are in Boathouse 4 on your left

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What exactly is on offer?

We teach in a very practical hands on way. From day one students are at their bench working with hand tools. There are a number of short lectures throughout the course and course notes which act as an aid memoire, the emphasis is on the doing of it, not just learning the theory.

Within a world-class purpose built training facility, you can expect to receive an exceptional and flexible learning experience. Our master instructors deliver first class training within a practical, hands-on environment.

Our training ethos is simple: we work on real boats with real owners and are definitely not a theoretical or classroom based establishment. We pride ourselves in offering a flexible, wide range of experiences with an emphasis on quality.

Why should I enrol?

We believe that we can teach anyone with a passion for boat building. Our courses teach essential transferrable skills that can be applied to careers outside of boatbuilding – for example within the construction industry, conservation building work, furniture making, shop fitting and bespoke carpentry.

Who should enrol?

Students who enrol on our courses come from a wide range of backgrounds with a huge variety skills and experience. From school leavers to career changers, those approaching retirement to those starting out on their working life. We enrol sudents from 16 onwards (there is no upper age limit!). And we’re not just for boys!

It wouldn’t be unusual if a student aged 32 and formerly a cabinetmaker enrols alongside another student who is a school leaver of 16 or a 54 year old stockbroker. The common denominator amongst all of our students is the love of wood and or wooden boats and the willingness to develop new skills.

How can I finance my course?

Your choice to start a boatbuilding training with us is an investment in your future. We want to help you understand the fees involved and what funding is available. Click the button below for more information on financing your course.

How will I learn?

Our training ethos is simple: we work on real boats with real owners and are definitely not a theoretical or classroom based establishment. We pride ourselves in offering a flexible, wide range of experiences with an emphasis on quality.

By following a practical and hands-on, tried and tested teaching method developed over 30 years our instructors will assess you on a wide range of essential boat building criteria.

IBTC have a range of fantastic tutors

With the help of the IBTC tutors, our students can expect to learn a whole range of boatbuilding skills, that they can take forward with them into whatever they decide to do next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to start on one of your 4 main start dates: 3 January 2017, 27 March 2017, 26 June 2017, 18 September 2017 ?

Depending on numbers we can enrol students at different times. So ask, we try to be flexible.

What GCSE’s do I need?

None. We don’t ask for previous experience or qualifications, just the willingness to learn and to work with wood.

Is it just marine jobs that students go on to?

No the skills are very much transferable. If you can build and fit out a wooden hull then you can work in curves. Timber frame house building, furniture making, bespoke joinery work

I am interested in the historic side of things is your course relevant?

Yes understanding the original skills involved, gives a great insight and basis for any conservation or restoration work. Students have gone on to work on major historic projects from Cutty Sark to the Victory others going into curatorship roles and project management.

Does IBTC Portsmouth have accommodation?

We’re not a residential college. Portsmouth is a university city with an excellent range of student accommodation. Transport links from the surrounding area is good. We’re 1hr 40min from London on a main train line.

Shipwright School

We have established a satellite of IBTC Portsmouth at Buckler’s Hard in the New Forest: the site of the thriving shipbuilding yard from 1765 where many of the vessels of Nelson’s Navy were built.

Over a 4 week period your Shipwright Instructor will teach you how to recreate 18th Century shipbuilding activity. You’ll learn how to work with and handle large sections of timber and how to use pit saws, side axes, adzes, auger bits and similar period tools. You’ll also learn shipwright related arboriculture and correct felling, conversion and storage techniques, and best practice. Currently a green oak timber frame workshop is being built which will be the base for the teaching of this module over two, two week sessions within the 47 week course.

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