We need your support

IBTC Portsmouth is part of Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust (PNBPT) Registered Charity number –  293188.  We have a passion for traditional boatbuilding – If no one was to teach these skills,  then who will be able to look after the many Heritage craft of which we are all so proud? By supporting our students, donors will be part of this important work, maintaining, restoring, rebuilding and new building of traditional and modern wooden craft. Perpetuating these skills is vital if we are to hand these wonderful boats on to the next generation.

Funding support

Not everyone can afford to fund themselves to retrain as a boatbuilder. There is some funding from other charitable bodies for younger students 18-24yr but very little for those of more mature years. We would love to offer subsidised courses for deserving individuals. By supporting our bursary scheme you can be part of this life changing offer.


How can you help?  

Donors come in all shapes and sizes, and we need you all.

Even a small cash donation can be enhanced if you are able to add gift aid. The government adds 25p to every £1 of tax payers’ donations.

If you kindly wish to donate cash to the IBTC Portsmouth and would like the government to add an extra 25p per pound, please contact Fran Wright at


Personal Arrangement

For those who would like a more personal arrangement do visit us or get in touch. We are a small and friendly organisation, who have one thing at heart; a love for wooden boat and traditional wooden boatbuilding.

For companies and individuals able to offer more substantial support we have a variety of ways in which you can be part of IBTC Portsmouth, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Get in touch to arrange a visit.

Other Ways You Can Give Or Help


You might want to leave a legacy in your will so that your support can continue after your lifetime.

Giving in Kind

Giving in kind. We accept donations of hand tools for use by our students, any tools donated that we cannot make use of we will offer to Tools for Self-reliance who send tools out to Africa.