Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

“I’ve now completed my 12 weeks joinery course which serves as a prelude to boatbuilding and gives all students an equal grounding in woodworking skills before their experience on the boat shop floor begins.

I am impressed by the way the course is designed to allow students to build on each lesson.

To say that I am enjoying the course would be a huge understatement. Indeed it’s hard to express adequately the huge opportunity that this course represents for me. Each day I am surprised and challenged by the level of insights and new skills that I am gaining.

The tutors and staff are knowledgeable, attentive and supportive, the location at boathouse 4 in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is second to none, and my peers and student colleagues are an incredibly varied bunch with the love of wooden boatbuilding in common. We share information and understanding and urge each other on constantly.

I’m impressed by the work that our staff and administrators do behind the scenes to maximise our potential as students as we’re provided with a constant stream of new experiences that we can volunteer for and extra things that we can do.

I’ve helped to bring in a huge delivery of sawn oak and larch, and I’ve had the opportunity to crew both the motor gun boat MGB81 and RAF rescue launch 102, both of which are working historic vessels owned by the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust. I’ve undertaken a masterclass in sharpening and learnt how to splice rope.

Our college is constantly searching for employment and work experience opportunities which we are all invited to apply for, and these are offered on a regular basis. I know that upon graduation I can expect the continuing backing and support from my college into the future.

This really is an amazing course in every respect – I look forward to updating you on my progress over the coming year”.

Seb Vanden Bogaerde, BoatBuilding Class March 2017


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