‘Vanishing Sail’ – The Story of a Caribbean Tradition

‘Vanishing Sail’ – The Story of a Caribbean Tradition

Tom Cunliffe gave a lovely introduction on Sunday 6 August at Cinema No. 6 based in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. He said “Whether a big island like Britain, or a small one like Carriacou, none of us would have got to where we are today without ships and boats…”

The ‘Vanishing Sail’ production team learned that IBTC Portsmouth http://ibtcportsmouth.co.uk/ were putting on a Summer Festival of training skills: an outreach programme for the people of Portsmouth to engage and learn about the traditional skills of boat building, heritage and craft so thought that this would be the perfect time to show the film and share the Caribbean story of Alwyn Enoe, one of the last traditional wooden boatbuilders in the Eastern Caribbean.

“A haunting, captivating story that will pull heart-strings” Jan Hein, Classic Boat.

Watch their fascinating story here: http://www.vanishingsail.com/ .

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