Schools & Community Groups

Schools, Community & Outreach Visitors at Boathouse 4

Why should I visit Boathouse 4?

We currently have an exciting range of education and outreach projects running, with thanks to our funders and partners. Here you have a very rare opportunity to see and experience the traditional skills of woodwork and boatbuilding in the unique cathedral space of Boathouse 4.

If you want to take part or watch others at work, please see what we are up to under our ‘Current Projects’ section below and pop down for a visit. Remember entry to the dockyard and to Boathouse 4 is free of charge!

What can I expect?

The Boathouse 4 schools, community and outreach programme aims to get visitors doing ‘hands-on’ learning in our very unique and active environment.

Whether you want your group to just pop in for an hour, do a one day workshop or even do a longer project, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, budget and group dynamic.

If there is a project you would like to take part in from those listed in the Current Projects and Future Projects section please make a direct enquiry to our Community Learning and Participation Officer Caroline Barrie-Smith,

What’s Available?

Key Stage 2 facilitated sessions – These 50 min sessions are a taster introduction to the world or woodworking and boatbuilding. Students will have the opportunity to make rope, use woodworking tools, get close to our historic craft and learn more about the role of small boats both for work and fun!

Key Stage 3 facilitated sessions – DETAILS TBC SOON

Any Age Group facilitated sessions – these sessions are built around your groups requirements, for example if you want your group to learn more about the role of the Royal Navy and its small boats or you want your group to understand more about boatbuilding as a career choice please do let us know. In turn IBTC promise to create a fun and hands on learning experience which could even involve your group each making something to take home at the end of the day.

Current Projects

Future Projects

Youth Whaler Challenge

In partnership with Langstone Coastal Rowing Club, we are looking for a cohort of young people who would like to experience conserving wooden boats and then getting them out on to the water to row during the summer of 2016 and the summer of 2017. The activity is still in the planning stage so if you are local to the area and interested please get your name down quick!

We welcome all groups of all ages and abilities. Just let us know what you would like your group to achieve and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We want you to get the most out of your experience

Boathouse 4’s bespoke facilitated group sessions are designed to accommodate a groups needs as best we can. There is absolutely no charge for the time taken to design a session plan, nor is there any obligation to take up the offer of a bespoke session designed for your group. We want our visitors to get the most out of their visit and are very happy to help them explore the options to suit budget, time and learning objectives.

Interested in booking a group session?

If you wish to enquire about having a facilitated session, or have any other schools and group booking enquiries please feel free to contact Caroline Barrie-Smith our Community Learning and Participation Officer, or 02392 816741.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do facilitated sessions cost?

The Key Stage 2 set 50 min session is for a max of 30 students at a flat rate cost of £75 per group with teachers going free.

The Key Stage 3 set 50 min session – TBC

Bespoke facilitated sessions will vary in price dependent on group budget, materials, time and facilities required.

How long is a facilitated session?

The set Key Stage 2 and 3 sessions are 50 mins long

Bespoke facilitated sessions will vary and can run from 30 mins to many weeks

Can I take my students around without having a facilitated session?

Yes, Boathouse 4 is free to enter and you are most welcome to bring your group and onto the mezzanine floor exhibition area.

Can I bring in a group without booking?

Yes, however there is a number limit of people allowed in the building at any one time so to avoid disappointment we would recommend you book your group in for a visit time. There is no extra charge for this.

What size group can I book in?

The set facilitated sessions are for a max of 30 students per group. Bespoke facilitated sessions will vary in size in accordance to the activity, however we would suggest that smaller groups are preferred as they will have more activity options and more supervised attention.

What age ranges can you conduct facilitated sessions with?

Any age. We recommend that the activities in Boathouse 4 are best for visitors above the age of 6 and there is no upper age limit.

Does a facilitated session here compliment other Dockyard attraction visits?

Yes, the small boat collection in Boathouse 4 and the nature of the Historic Dockyard being just one small end of the extensive home of the Royal Navy means we are right in the thick of it. If you plan to visit other attractions on site whilst here please let us know what else you are visiting and we will weave in certain activities or facts into our session to compliment your other visits.

How do I request a bespoke facilitated session?

See our Community Learning and Participation Officer Caroline Barrie-Smith either in Boathouse 4, by email or phone 02392 816741