Boatbuilding Class 11 finish their studies and celebrate on the high seas!

Today was certificate awarding day in Boathouse 4 for the graduating class of Boatbuilding Class 11. After celebratory tea and cakes and a round of photographs it was time for the group's special treat - an hour long trip out on HSL 102. In fine weather, and with plenty of spray in the air, the graduates were transported out of Portsmouth Harbour in great style to enjoy the views and experience the thrill of being on such an historic vessel. 

Part of the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust's Memorial Flotilla, High Speed Launch 102 is a fully restored and operational Second World War air/sea rescue launch capable of speeds of up to 40 knots. Boats of this class rescued more than 13,000 airmen from the sea; HSL 102 herself saved 38 crew in 1941 as she patrolled the English Channel.