Learning in Lockdown


Learning in Lockdown

Like all colleges, IBTC Portsmouth had close its doors to students after the new lockdown was announced in early January. Although a difficult turn of events for all students, the timing was particularly tough for Boat Building Class 15, who were only weeks away from their final exams and test pieces.

It was decided that it was a priority to help these students complete their studies so they could move on to work or other projects. Over the last two weeks revision sessions have been held on-line and plans made, in consultation with City & Guilds, to stage their exams. Thankfully, the current restrictions do allow for practical examinations to take place, so the students will be allowed to come on site and make their two final test pieces. Very high anti-viral measures will be enforced and there will be mandatory Covid-19 testing for both the students and the invigilator. We expect that it won’t be long before Sabrina, Ed and Betzy will be able to graduate with flying colours.

All our staff and instructors are working hard to prepare for our reopening; planning future student tasks, ordering materials, re-writing course materials and agreeing tweaks to our course structure. Although we don’t know yet when our students will be allowed to return, you can bet we’ll be ready when they do!