New short courses announced


New short courses announced

The College's very first series of scheduled short courses, held between November and the end this week, have been a great success. 

Attendees have given extremely positive feedback, with 100% saying that they would recommend our courses to their friends, and we've based some of our changes on ideas that they suggested. 

We've increased the number of one-day courses and changed some of the descriptions to make it easier to know what you'll learn on any particular course. We've also added extra courses aimed squarely at absolute beginners keen to develop a variety of skills in as little time as possible.

New courses include;

  • One-day Basic Woodworking
  • One-day Marine Painting and Finishing
  • One-day Caulking
  • Two-day Ship's Chest Making
  • Two day Basic Joints 

All except the last one are perfect for those with no previous woodworking experience. Have a look at our Short Courses page to see full details, dates and prices for these courses and the others on offer.