Spreading the word in Southampton


Spreading the word in Southampton

The weather stayed fair last month for the return of Southampton International Boat Show. 88,000 visitors flocked to the waterside location to indulge in all things nautical, with many hundreds stopping to chat with the students, staff and instructors on the College’s stand.

We were one of the few stands offering a hands-on activity and the opportunity to rove a nail or plane some wood proved very popular with visitors of all ages. Hundreds of pieces of timber, that would otherwise have been scrap, were turned into small rectangles complete with pre-drilled hole ready to accept a copper nail & washer. Our youngest rover was 5 and the oldest must have been in their 70's. Each was presented with their completed rove to take away and keep as a souvenir. 

Also popular on the stand was our Adirondack Guide Boat. Almost complete and entirely built by students her fresh varnish gleamed in the afternoon sunshine. This clinker-built boat is incredibly light and strong and built using hundreds of copper roves. Visitors were invited to lift the end of the boat and most were astonished by how little it weighed.

Not everything went smoothly on the site; the lack of signage meant that the staff, students and instructors on the College stand were kept busy helping visitors with directions but the good weather kept most people smiling. And the ice cream van that was parked right next to our stand kept us smiling too.