Boathouse 4

About Boathouse 4

Boathouse 4 was built in 1939 during the general re-armament period. Originally intended to be twice the current size, the construction was halted after the outbreak of war. Built on the site of a previous boathouse, its original purpose was to be a facility to build and maintain small craft. Incorporating its own dock, lock, cranes and with north facing windows providing natural working light year round, the 15m tall building was a valuable addition to HM Naval Base Portsmouth.


Following and extensive National Lottery Heritage Funded restoration in 2015, the boathouse has become the Boatbuilding and Heritage Skills Training Centre; home to IBTC Portsmouth. It is also the location of the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust's Forgotten Craft Exhibition and the Boathouse 4 Restaurant. 


Boathouse 4 itself sits inside Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, a world-class attraction of historic buildings, ships and museums.


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