Career change

Are you thinking of changing your career?

Are you searching for a new direction? Would you like to learn craftsmanship and the traditional skills to start a new, rewarding career working with your hands?

Joining a boatbuilding course could be your platform for a fresh start.

Meet recent student Seb

Seb, 44, a former welder, started his wooden boatbuilding course in March 2017. 'I've dreamt of becoming a wooden boatbuilder on and off since I was a kid in Lowestoft. Always thought it was a really interesting looking trade. As a kid I gazed at boat plan drawings wondering what they meant and how they worked.'

What made the IBTC Portsmouth course stand out?

'The location helped, but it was meeting the staff when I popped in to visit that sold it to me. Doing the course has changed my life beyond recognition. I had the most intense experience, it was like being filled with pure inspiration every moment I was there'

What have you been doing since you graduated?

'I have more work than I know what to do with. I'm rebuilding and overseeing the return to the water of a 1911 Morecambe Bay prawner for a client; I re-planked it entirely over the summer with a colleague. I'm contracted to the National Trust to restore the 'Liddesdale', Nancy Astor's electric canoe launch. I repair Victory class racing yachts and am involved in the early stages of a Fairey Super Swordsman rebuild. I never for a second thought I'd be running a boatbuilding business straight out of school, but it looks scarily like that is what is happening. And I am loving every second.'

You can find out more about Seb's company here


If you are interested in finding out more about the Boatbuilding or Joinery courses, we recommend you explore the college on one of our regular Open Afternoons.